Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2013: Colours, Decor, Themes

Hello 2013!

What an exciting year this is going to be for brides and grooms. The trends to have come up on the radar are:

1. Bunting & Garlands

Okay, we don’t mind admitting, we are a tad biased in this area. But the fact is, bunting and garlands are still a HOT TREND and very popular as wedding decoration. They go hand-in-hand with vintage inspired weddings! Click here for some inspiration from our Pinterest board: 2013 Wedding Trends – Bunting & Garlands

2. Vintage Themes

Vintage inspired weddings will continue to be massively popular in 2013, with The Roaring Twenties taking top slot. TV & film influences such as ‘Downton Abbey’, and the soon to be released film ‘The Great Gatsby’, offer endless nostalgic and glamorous inspiration for weddings, event organisers and venues. There will still be oodles of influence from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s…so don’t worry, there will still be lots of lovely florals, lace and polka dots….and we have perfect bunting to co-ordinate! Click here for some lovely vintage wedding inspiration from our Pinterest board: 2013 Wedding Trends – Vintage Wedding

3. Bird Theme

Popular in 2012 and set to continue this year, makes for beautiful natural, very romantic wedding themes. Examples: birdcages, centre pieces, wedding stationery, favours, bunting and garlands, stylish dress accessories. Click here for lots of Bird wedding inspiration from our Pinterest board: 2013 Wedding Trends – Birds

4. Laser Cut Designs

Going to see a lot of this in 2013 and set to be be a big trend for weddings. Laser cutting gives the look of lace, which is great for those planning a vintage wedding theme. It also makes a more stunning design for items such as wedding stationery. Click here for gorgeous laser cut designs ideas from our Pinterest board: 2013 Wedding Trends – Laser Cut Designs

5. Rainbow Colours

Think bold – confident – quirky – vibrant – happy! Colours are going to be a popular theme for weddings, but do remember to temper it with white or neutral, as this colour scheme can appear tacky if overdone. A confident couple with outside the box thinking is likely to pull this off – a colour explosion is not for the faint of heart. This loud, vivid colour palette screams fun and frivolity, joy and pure happiness! Colourful bunting is a must!! Click here for amazing Rainbow Wedding ideas from our Pinterest board: Rainbow Wedding

6. Mint

The colour mint theme is fresh and chic and also has a retro feel! You will see this soft, soothing colour on wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, flowers and wedding décor. To make the theme more than just the colour, let it influence other elements such as a signature wedding cocktail, think mojitos, cakes and cupcakes, centrepieces and wedding favours.

Mint emerging as a poplular colour theme is because the vintage trend has brought mint green back into the spotlight, as it was the colour of choice for many home and personal items in the 1940s and 1950s. For a fresh flower colour palette combine lemon yellow and mint green. We love Mint! Click here for stunning ideas from our Pinterest board: 2013 Wedding Trends – Mint

Have a great 2013!

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